The AAU - TLC envisions to become an acknowledged countrywide and qualified center recognized for innovative academic development.


The center seeks to create an interactive teaching & learning experience through implementing the highest international standards accredited in the academic programs. The aims of these standards are to design and use innovative teaching & learning means and to provide comprehensive and distinctive services that promote and support the culture of excellence in the university education.

The Main Goal

  • Establishing and designing a general framework for the quality of learning & teaching at AAU for the purpose of helping and supporting faculties and academic programs to implement the highest international standards of quality in teaching & learning.
  • Developing a proactive monitoring system for predicting and controlling the performance of teaching & learning process.
  • Providing necessary services and support for the faculty members and students concerning teaching & learning.
  • Promoting an academic excellence culture by introducing quality teaching & learning programs and services and by using optimally the available academic resources.

Core Values

  • Excellence in teaching & learning.
  • Enthusiasm for continuous and long-life learning.
  • Diversity and collaboration.
  • Passion for innovative trends in teaching & learning.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness in programming and decision-making
  • High professionalism and integrity.
  • Leadership and continuous support for teaching & learning.