Program evaluation has an important role in identifying the program strengths and potential limitations, and recommend improvements. Program evaluation consists of course syllabus, teaching methodologies, learning materials, learning out comes, student assessment, overall course evaluation etc.

Effective assessment of learning outcome should include:

  • Assessment requirements for grading are clearly stated.
  • Assessments are designed to inline to the course learning outcomes.
  • Creative assessment practices are used./li>
  • A multi-faceted approach to evaluate students.
  • Providing students constructive feedback.
  • An fitting frequency of assessments throughout the course.

Improve your teaching through Feedback and Reflection:

Collecting, understanding, and responding to feedback is essential for educators who strive for the best learning outcomes. We offer many ways for you to gain meaningful feedback on your teaching and your students’ learning.

  • Mid-Term Student Feedback
  • End-Term Feedback
  • Self-Reflection
  • Interpret and Respond
  • Input from Colleagues